A website is made up of webpages and may have only one, called the homepage. It may have interactivity and sound and vision files available. Its look and feel, so called, is decided on by its maker or designer.

WordPress is the most popular and highly recommended website maker and is free.

A website name is called its domain name and must be unique, yours alone. I infer the name may not include spaces, although I could be wrong but probably am not. This is a pity if so, I mean about not including spaces not about me probably being wrong or otherwise.

The domain name or website name needs to be registered, costing nothing, and the website needs to be hosted, which costs about the price of a cup of coffee per month. A person can host their own website but this is problematic to the uninitiated, such as me.

Who said doing things is easy, finding out how is the hard part? Me. Goya the Spanish painter said he was still learning at 95. I am 76 not out.

If you knew all this already sorry for boring you. I didn’t. I was born a tabula rasa, blank canvas, and am still such in many respects.

This is more or less a memo to myself, I want this knowledge hardwired into my brain.

A little knowledge is a dangerous thing. None at all can be fatal.

You learn something new every day. Did you know whiskey is spelled differently in Ireland as distinct from Scotland? Now you do.

That’s your quota,

Tich Ennis

27th March, 2017


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