Michael Whoever You Are

I regard you as a fundamental particle.

The genuine article.

I know someone said you’re mad.

That’s sad.

You make me glad.

Okay, have I gone away?

From the beginning, stopped sinning?

Why are you fundamental, if not gentle?

Its like this, you see.

You are part of me.

And I of you too.

In this Irish stew.

There is more to say but who do you think I am?

I give a damn.

So do you I know.

You did before I told you so.

You give me hope, you dope.

Dope is taken to get over things.

Politicians and kings.

Things like these bring us to our knees.

Birds and bees.

Why mention nature, not the human kind?

Because it makes sense, never mind.

Others like you too I know.

I go.

I said before I don’t know when to end a poem.

By their friends shall ye know ‘em.

But Hell, I mean how do we get out of this hole?

You play a role.

That will have to do.

Me too.

Tich Ennis

25th March, 2017


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