Christmas Presents Galore!

24th March, 2017

Lorcan and Teresa and Liz,

         First of all, apologies for being late with your Christmas presents but better late than never. I got mixed up with the calendar. To make up for it I now give the best present anyone ever got in the world, me forever!

         Yes, Michael Jackson is dead, a replacement was needed so I fill the gap. Here on CD for each of you to treasure and keep is a valuable heirloom, me on CD! Can you believe your eyes and ears! How can you be so lucky?

Some of these I recorded last year when I was a young man of 75, now 76 going on 100. Boy bands get out of the way!   The real thing is here.   Memories are made of this. It is possible to set a cd player to play on repeat for ever and ever until it wears out. Have spare players ready.

I put a film on the internet at so as not to disappoint those unfortunate enough not to own a copy of this CD, Great Irish Songs, I’m very thoughtful that way.

Bob Dylan turned down the Nobel prize after hearing about Great Irish Songs, and I don’t blame him. I would in his place.

Well, I like it anyway. As you may have gathered.

And you thought you got rid of me!   No such luck. A bad penny always turns up. Don’t cry when you play it. Why get tears in your beer? You could always buy a poster of me to put on your wall.  Or join my fan club. If I had one.   That will surely come. Stranger things have happened, or have they?

This CD is the perfect gift for the man or woman who has everything, so I give it to you. Boy, will the neighbours be jealous!

You don’t get rid of me so easy. I’m here to stay.   I have staying power. And that voice! Singers all over the world will take early retirement, how can they compete? They can’t. They can hang up their rock and roll shoes. The real thing is here.

Spoken highly of in the advertisements. Accept no substitute. Life is worth living! Etcetera, etcetera. And so on and so on.

Anyway, I like it. If this is a hit I might make more. You have been warned. As Al Jolson said, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet!

It’ll have to do to be going on with. Its better than nothing. How much better? Play it and see. Best wishes,

David (Tich) Ennis

24th March, 2017


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