Editing WordPress Blog Post

Where is Edit gone on my WP blog? I posted a post today with 2 mispelled or mistyped words but Edit is not now at the end of the list of tags and so on. This is since yesterday. It was there before.

So how do I edit my post? It was simple before.

Here is a link to that post. The word ‘may’ is there as ‘my’ and ‘meant’ is there as ‘mean’. See for yourself:


Please help.   Advice gratefully received,

Tich Ennis

22nd March, 2017

UPDATE:  This post is now irrelevant because Edit has been restored to its former place.  The post attached to the above link had yet another mistake, the word Gods I had typed as God’s, with an apostrophe.  Now corrected.

People are liking this post, but not my long one.  Why is that?  Do they lack staying power?  Have they run out of puff?  Enough.

Same Person

Some hours later


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