Possible Futures

From me:

I intend to sell or have offered for sale my homemade cd, as a digital download, using cdbaby, one of several sets of middlemen who get this sort of stuff onto iTunes and Spotify etc. worldwide, tunecore are the other most favoured and fully featured people in that area.

I more or less never did anything like this before.  As to publicity, I intend to make a YouTube channel called Great Irish Songs but that will take some time.  So when I find out how, if possible and if I am capable of doing it, I would go ahead with cdbaby getting the songs out there with no publicity at all except a mention on my blog.  This is probably not the right thing to do, putting the cart before the horse as you might say.

I thought I would tell you my plan of action to see if you have any comments.  People who have my cd in physical form keep it in their cars and say they like it a lot.  Less than ten made so far and distributed, one shop will stock it in Wicklow town and one in Arklow here.  Another possibly in Gorey, that remains to be seen.

I will as usual make up my own mind but am open to suggestion,


I am the singer not the song(s),


From Kevin:

The radio is still a great platform – contact some DJ’s and see if they will play it…Local ones would be more responsive, especially if they have a trad. slant. What about touring some music festivals and gigging in your local pubs, especially those that host tourists. Have a box of cd’s ready to sell… Start local, think big.

From Luke:

That sounds like a worthwhile use of your time.

I would say starting with a physical CD would be a good start.  It’s not an area that I have a lot of experience with, but my guess is that that would get the show on the road, after which, making them available digitally should be relatively straightforward.


When I told a sister of mine I made a cd of me singing she said “You dope!”.   I said to a friend relatives usually think you are rubbish.   Could they be right?

Tich Ennis

7th March, 2017



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