My Mother Said

Me: If I said I would do something when I’m good and ready when will that be?

She: A very long time.

Me: Why are there two words, real and reality when they both mean the same thing?

She: They don’t mean the same thing. Reality means the essence or meaning of a thing.

Me: Then why do people use them as if they mean the same thing?

She: No answer.

When I left school my mother said if you won’t go to school you’ll have to get a job. I made a joke. She said don’t you take anything seriously? I didn’t answer, I couldn’t think of anything I take seriously.

At a party some guy was talking to me. I made a joke. He said lets talk seriously. I said seriousness is morbidity and morbidity is death. He walked away from me.

The next guy was nice. Or friendly, to use a better word. I said the last man who spoke with me walked away from me. He said that was very rude. I said he wanted to talk seriously.

I said a party is for fun, its not a funeral. You can be serious at a funeral. In New Orleans they play happy jazz music at funerals.

He said that’s because they are more intelligent than we are.

Tich Ennis

4th March, 2017


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