Internet Woes

I am about to put Great Irish Songs on the internet for sale as a download, with help of others or another of greater knowledge in that area than myself.

What is the truth? Almost no one sells their music on the internet. 97 per cent of sales are made by 3 per cent of the sellers, or would be sellers.   The rest sell nothing, or one to their mother.

So I join the also rans. So what? 97 per cent of the wealth of the world is owned by 3 per cent of the people. What else is new?

Coming soon to an internet outlet near you, Great Irish Songs. My voice, not my words but I make them my own. A few, a select few, have enjoyed or loved my cd in physical form. If you have ears to hear, etcetera, etcetera.   Lend me your ears.   I promise to return them in good condition.

What more is there to say? Let us pray. Let us sing. All this from the land of saints and scholars.   Once-upon-a-time land. You never know what you’re missing till you try.

Tich Ennis

2nd March, 2017


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