Rant 2

Good news and bad news and mediocre news. It’s as bad as I feared, though not without saving graces. The human species that is.

I rang Sean Olohan of the cd shop in Wicklow town. He will stock my cd, of which he has one copy.   He has played it. That is the not so bad news.

He said it won’t sell. I would need to record it in a recording studio. He recorded his cd in a recording studio and it did not sell.

Do I detect a non sequitur there? An illogicality?   So recording a cd in a recording studio is a panacea, but does not work, sounds like a placebo to me.   Okay, so much for big words, not to speak of Latin.

Buddy Holly long ago recorded in his hotel room on a tape recorder and those recordings were hits after his death, with backing tracks added.   In the modern age people in the U.K. have recorded at home on a computer and had hits.   A recording studio is nothing to do with it and never was.

Good or great songs, a good or great singer, and timing, timing, timing, these are what sell recordings. My cd, Great Irish Songs, is just what it says on the tin, some Scottish or otherwise, so what, all great songs.

As I said to Sean I have sold this cd, yes, for money, not to relatives, and the feedback is very positive, some quoted on the cd cover, more positive reviews today. Ordinary people like it and ordinary people are in the majority. Let’s not be narrowminded.

Sean will have the cd in his shop and does not want any money out of it if it sells. Good news. He agreed with me on some points, my cd is full, most are half empty. My asking price is ten euros, he sells cd’s for less than that, reissues, mine is original and new cd’s in his shop, single cd’s, can cost twenty euros.   My cd is new and old at the same time.   Old songs, never all collected together before, and brand new this year. A paradox? Not when you think about it.

I plan a YouTube channel devoted to my singing cd. It is designed on paper. That is half the battle.

An optimist wears braces to keep his trousers up, a pessimist to stop them falling down.

Tich Ennis

28th February, 2017


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