My Singing Debut

18th February, 2017


Try anything once, or even more times.

Give this a spin. Let me know what you think.

The Beatles were turned down by several record companies before becoming the best selling group of all time.

There’s only one of me. Boy groups are popular, but old boys? Why not?

GREAT IRISH SONGS it is, or they are. Sony, will they listen, will they hear? My letter to them here, you get there first.

At school I was told I could not sing, but then so was Elvis.   And look what happened to him!   Fame and fortune.   He had a song of that name but had it in reality too.   And I live in Reality! With a capital arr.

I have not followed Sony’s submission guidelines, they ask for a singer or groups best three tracks only, preferably electronically sent, but okay on cd. I give them the whole shebang.

Best? Comparisons are odious. In my opinion a listener is hearing the songs, not me. I am not at issue.

Is there any more to say?   Let the music play!

David (Tich) Ennis


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