When I was a solicitor’s clerk I went to various offices of the courts with forms for processing. The offices and forms were many and varied.

In one office there was a sign behind the counter, Engage brain before opening mouth.   The official, aged about twenty three to my nineteen years, would look at a clerk through narrowed eyes while he spoke then spin around and point at the sign, if necessary.   He didn’t see why he should do people’s thinking for them. This caused a person, such as me, to think before asking.   Then there was no spinning.

“Do a person’s thinking for them and they love you, make them think and they hate you”.   Is that why some pupils hate school? Among other reasons, of course. Such as regimentation. I’m a number not a name sang Johnny Cash in a song about prisoners in jail. We are not born to be treated as numbers in any circumstances either as children or adults.

Tich Ennis

11th February, 2017


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