Books Are Better

Books are best because they go deeply into things.

They beat radio and television and articles and the internet whether they speak of cabbages or kings.

Or whatever, the others are there for fizz.

Do you know what a book is?

Oscar Wilde said there are only two kinds of books, good books and bad books.

Don’t judge a person by their looks.

A Japanese poet said to his friend who moved away its better that we write to each other because our words are more considered, therefore better.

That is true of books, to the letter.

A book may be in any form, a parchment scroll.

Great words, good words, true words last forever, make you whole.

Amusement, enjoyment, entertainment, instruction, wisdom, these are there for you.

A poem encapsulates the true.

So therefore when you pass a bookshop, have a look.

Who knows what you may find in a book?

Treasure waits for you, seek and you find.

Genius favours the well stocked mind.

Tich Ennis

8th January, 2017


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