Two Books

20th January, 2017


Here are two books George bought for you in the second-hand shop in Arklow.

Surplus People. From Wicklow to Canada. By Jim Rees, first published in 2000 and reprinted in 2014.

Dun Laoghaire Journal No.19, 2010, from the Dun Laoghaire Borough Historical Society.   With photographs and a drawing.

He bought these in Beat That which sells second-hand books, cd’s and vinyl records and has a good stock and fair prices.

I have some audio cd’s to make for you and will get around to that in the fullness of time.   Then and only then will I send them to you. I work miracles, the impossible takes longer.

I told you yesterday that Mary Dunne said she plays my cd of Irish songs in the car and everyone loves it. Why not tell you again?

I am sending John White details of the players and years of the Dave Brubeck jazz dvd I made for him and sent him last week. Jazz people love details. I just like the music, but not much jazz.

I got two packs of cigarettes on credit last night and will pay for them on Saturday, Sunday or Monday when Eddie is in the shop. He has a notable beard. I am glad to see I am still credit-worthy.

You could go blind reading but that might not be the most pleasurable way.   No porn for you this week, I’ll have to write my own. Don’t forget your A-B-C.   Numbers are more difficult.

I may or may not enclose my letter to John White, that’s for me to know and you to find out.   This tells you more about jazz than you need to know.   Now you take a bass, now we’re getting some place. That’s how jazz music is made.

The real thing is between covers along with this letter. Every gentleman should have a library.   And four acres of woodland. When you meet a gentleman, let me know. d

Tich Ennis


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