Scene: a bungalow. Present: two elderly brothers.

 David: Will you get me a cup of coffee?

George: When? Now, or ever or in the forseeable future or at some indeterminate time in between?

David: More or less now or in the reasonably near future.

George: Why don’t you get it yourself?

David: I don’t want it that much. Why should I get it when I have you to do it for me?

George: If you want it get it for yourself. I am doing something.

David: It’s only across the room.

George: Then get it for yourself. I’m busy.

David: I’ll leave it for the moment.

George: I’ll get it for you when I finish what I’m doing.

David: Alright, I’ll wait.

George: Is this play pointless? You’re putting words in my mouth.

David: You’re not putting coffee in mine.

George: All things come to he who waits.

David: Am I too clever by half?

George: A quarter.

David: I’m glad we cleared that up.

George: A lot of things remain to be cleared up.

David: More than dirty dishes?

George: Much more.

David: We’ll ask the next visitor to make himself at home, wash the dishes.

George: You said that before.

David: It cannot be said often enough.

George: Did your last visitor wash the dishes?

David: No.

George: Why?

David: He took it as a joke.

George: Were you joking?

David: I was and I wasn’t. I wasn’t expecting him to. But it would have been nice if he did. I would ask him to come again, which he did anyway.

George: Did he?

David: Yes. He invited himself. I invite myself to his house.

George: Do you wash his dishes?

David: No.

George: Why?

David: He never asked me to.

George: Would you if he asked you to?

David: No.

George: Why should I get you a cup of coffee?

David: To make the world a better place. And I’m lazy.

George: The truth at last.

David: It was a long time coming. Where’s my coffee?

George: I’ll get it in a minute.

David: What minute?

George: Wait and see.

David: This is entirely inconsequential.

George: Stop using big words.

David: Okay.

George: Here’s your coffee.

David: Put it there.

George: Why do I have to put up with you?

David: We have to put up with each other.

George: Will that be all?

David: Yes.

 Tich Ennis

28th December, 2016


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