Am I Paranoid?

I have a terrible fear that some teenager with Asperger’s syndrome will hack into American and Russian missile control systems and launch nuclear war. His mother will say its not his fault, his condition must be taken into account. He’s good at video games. Yakety-yak.

Is this paranoia on my part? Am I also afflicted? More to be pitied than to be blamed? Is paranoia catching? Should we form a club? Of like minded individuals. If the Ku Klux Klan can do it, so can we. Nut cases of the world unite.

You be the judge. And jury. Is your sanity in question? Do you believe in sanity clause? Did you hear about the man charged with having no light on his bike? He pleaded insanity. A good excuse.

Should psychopathic killers be released from custody on the grounds of diminished responsibility? This is a tough question. Psychopaths are tough and go to great lengths to prove it. Sometimes with fatal results. Its not their fault, or is it?

Does society need protection? From who, what, each other? Teenagers with Asperger’s syndrome? The atom bomb, it has been said, is man’s greatest invention. No people, no problems. Can a teenager save the world? Watch this space.

An end to madness. A world fit for chimpanzees, before we wipe them all out. Goodbye humanity, and good riddance. Paradise would be twice as nice without you. Who wants Paradise? Creatures in the zoo, for one. And in primeval forests, or what’s left of them.

The Earth will recover after armageddon, it is remarkably resilient. That is my forecast, apart from that, scattered showers and some light rain. Is there a half-life after death? For a hundred thousand years, yes.

So maybe the Green movement are right after all, people are a curse on the Earth. Although they did not exactly say that, people rarely say what they think. Apart from myself and other madmen. The truth will out.   Only the mad are sane.

The lesser gifted among you may not realise that some people speak with their tongue so firmly in their cheek that others don’t know its there.   Who is anyone to look down on the lesser gifted? We were all teenagers once, except those who have not yet arrived at the age of knowing everything.

Does matter matter? Not unless it matters to you. Otherwise no. Ask a teenager. Out of the mouths of babes. Came forth wisdom, old saying. Possibly you would be better off asking an as yet unspoiled baby. Fresh from the garden of Eden.

Let us hope my fears are not realised. I live to rave another day. As a madman, I am one among many. Who’s finger itches to pull the trigger, push the button, master others, teach them a lesson they will never forget? The answer is staring you in the face. Look in the mirror. Do you like what you see? If not, that can be your excuse, if you need one.

A mirror shows the world exactly the reverse of how it is. In that sense it may be realistic, because that is how things are, exactly the opposite of how they should be. When a teenager may launch nuclear war.

Am I worried? No, only on your behalf. That is my madness. It may not be widely shared. It appears not. Itchy fingers.

I drown my sorrows in a glass. All things must pass.

 Tich Ennis

22nd December, 2016


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