Happy Christmas!

16th December, 2016

Mary Dunne and Family


All your Christmases have come at once! Here are not one, not two but three discs for you, something to remember my by, and old times. Old songs, new poems, new plays, or fairly new, all sung or spoken by me, the songs nearly all Irish or songs I heard in our kitchen when young, when I never heard them better sung.

Lists of the songs and plays here too. The DVD was filmed by my sister Helena on her mobile phone, the film finished by me, its me reciting poems of mine at the Arklow Culture Night on 16th September last. Eight minutes playing time, not too long, not too short.

I am David Ennis but use the name Tich Ennis as a writer, the nickname I had at junior school, tich means a small person, I was younger and smaller than the boys in my class, so the name. There are other David Ennises, only one Tich Ennis.

Someone I gave the same cd of my singing to said, at least you can hear the words. The words are great! I love those songs. Okay, my voice, nothing to write home about, but a great collection of songs, say I who put them together. The same guy said, where’s the music? What does he expect for nothing? The Chieftains? You get nothing for nothing, or hardly anything. The sun in the morning and the moon at night, they will do to be going on with.

The film came out rather well, I think. I call it Poems in Arklow. My speaking voice is far better than my singing voice, still some people liked it.

I hope you like the plays. I play all the parts of course, just me and a microphone.   I have all this stuff on YouTube under the name Tich Ennis, but not the film, I can’t get into my YouTube channel to put any more stuff there, I don’t know why. Other people have the same problem with their YouTube Channels. Nothing’s perfect.

Watch the film first, Poems in Arklow, why not see and hear me at the same time? Only eight minutes. I hope you like it, and all the other stuff as well. I warned you about my singing, on Tich Songs. You have been warned. I’ve heard worse, I’ve certainly heard better.

I am more a speaker than a singer, my singing is half way between singing and speaking, so the words are clear, and what good words they are!

Anyway, happy Christmas, happy listening, happy viewing to all of you from David Ennis and George, from Arklow to Ballymoneen!

Tich Ennis


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