Drugs are an escape from reality, why is reality so bad?

Are we mad?

Is Hell other people, as Sartre said?

Why do some people feel they are better dead?

They seek escape.

We are descended from an ape.

Does the great ape in the sky look at us and wonder why we choose to die?

An ape swings through the trees, eats bananas, picks off fleas.

They help each other, love their mother, forgive their brother.

Would that we were so.

We don’t want to know.

Madness too is an escape.

Behold the ape!

Who will lead us from the human zoo?

Me or you?

Technical solutions never work, nor does treating the symptoms not the disease.

Can we have real reality please?

True caring, sharing, taking people as they are.

Truth is the guiding star.

We drive each other mad.

Its that bad.

And sad.

Its better to be alive than dead, does that need to be said?

Dead to others, dead to hope, the mugger who kills you is on dope.

Does the elephant in the room speak too soon?

This is your moment beneath the Moon.

Someday hopefully the Sun will shine.

Water be turned into wine.

Its about time.

Tich Ennis

13th December, 2016


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