Various Things

9th December, 2016


A plethora of playthings, a veritable cornucopia for you here.

First, a letter to John White, as well as this letter.   Then, a book and many, many CD’s.

The book is George’s (and my) selection from the poetry of William Blake, including the one beginning Heaven in a grain of sand, a favourite line of mine.

The CD’s are many and varied, including two of those sent to John, Penrose and 1955 Rock ‘n’ Roll. One I call Doo Wop Radio, two hours in mp3 form, recorded by me in 2011.

The other recordings are mostly, if not all, from BBC Radio 4, of recent date. Rumi, that’s one, Copernicus and the Burren, that’s two, (two separate programs on one disc), What Is Truth, What Is God Like and Islamic Philosophy, three items on one disc. Gloomsbury, two discs of this very funny show, four half hour programs on two CD’s. Then, the absolutely mind blowing series of talks I call Beyond Space and Time by Carlo Rovelli, read by another. Reality is not what it seems.

You may wonder why the talk What Is God Like begins with Good Golly, Miss Molly by Little Richard and ends with Rock Around The Clock by Bill Haley and His Comets? Because they were played in the same early morning show in which the Rabbi speaks. And because they are great and I love them.

The song, the name and singer of which I forget, after the Rabbi’s words, says God is one of us, just a slob in a bus trying to find his way home. A song I like, from the seventies.

If there is a God and he is a slob then there is hope for me when I meet him, his fellow slob.

Those talks, a few minutes long, were on the radio each day for a week, a different speaker each day of varying denominations, Christian and otherwise. I heard only the one here and one other, not memorable. From an early morning show on BBC Radio Two, Vanessa Feltz. She plays good music.

My wrestles with technology continue, the fruits of which you see before you. Now hear this! Get the cotton wool out of your ears. If you have eyes to see, read William Blake.

I may include a poem or two written by me yesterday and read to you on the phone. That is for me to know and you to find out.

If you got up earlier you would know all this already. Pay attention in class!

Tich Ennis




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