Round Not Flat

Socrates said the Earth is round but everyone forgot.

They said its flat, that’s that.People do forget, they overlook, leave out.

What should Socrates do, shout?

Look out.

Plato wrote Socrates’ words, he wrote them down.

People say Plato said it, who’s the clown?

Don’t shoot the messenger, it has been said before.

The postman brings a letter to your door.

If you shoot him he may not come back for some time.

Your serve time for your crime.

What do you expect, a bleeding miracle?

Listen to the oracle.

Barbarians burned libraries long ago.

They were Christians, you know.

The truth comes dropping slow.

The dark ages come when people don’t want to know.

Is that you, a snail moves very slow.

Hospitals and schools are bombed daily in Aleppo.

Hear the news, an unholy show.

Do you want to know?

Then hear and listen.

Tears glisten.

Stop shutting your eyes. Be wise.

What can a fool like you do? Be true.

Castro wanted the Russians to nuke America which would have led to nuking Russia, with Cuba first to go.

Khruschev said no, that’s what he said.

Are some people better dead?

So I have read.

Choose life instead.

Or stay in bed.

I can’t write an endless poem.

There are fools around, you know ‘em.

Castro was a posh boy, he said kill ‘em, kill ‘em.

I have a brother like that called Willem.

Would I kill him? No.

I go.

Tich Ennis

1st December, 2016


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