29th November, 2016

 Elizabeth and Hicham


Culture shock! Is this the best, most exciting music ever made? What? The music of the fifties here on three DVD’s for you, seeing and hearing is believing! Be there or be square! Dig the crazy beat! The mostest and then some. All the internet has to offer, a blast from the past, the past is not dead but sleepeth. Anyway, make up your own minds.

A letter to John White here to assist historians in their learned treatises on how this, the greatest film of the greatest music ever came to be. I cannot speak highly enough of it, so won’t try. That’s not me with a guitar, that’s Elvis. Shake, rattle and roll.   And many others doing their thing and my thing, music to wake the dead.

I used Filmora Wondershare video editing software to finish the movie, its very good and cheap, much better than iMovie on my Apple computer. Someone said Filmora took all the best ideas from other video programs and put them in one, it is easy to use and actually works, which is more than can be said for offerings from some others.

I am giving these DVD’s to a select few to some of whom it will bring back happy memories and others won’t know what hit them. An archeological dig through the roots of rock, which seems appropriate. Or should that be geological? Rock with the caveman. The name of a song, not on these DVD’s because not up to standard, though good.   Only great is good enough.

As you may infer I think highly of the content of my movie, I am the cook who made the stew. The ingredients were chosen with care. All top quality.   The best the past has to offer in this genre. My favourite genre. Leaving others in the shade.

They knew how to have fun in those days.   Both the dance and the music were fun. And I was there!   Dancing, listening and buying records. More or less all of which I still have.

I have a round black thing with a hole in it. Is this a record?

The platters that matter. Put another nickel in, in the nickelodeon.

Jukebox cure my ills!   Yours too I hope, if any.

Now hear this. Elvis And Others. Its playtime,



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