Christmas Presence

25th November, 2016


I have not got the money to repay your loan at the moment but hope to have sometime in the future when you will be repaid in full. Hope springs eternal in the human breast.

In the meantime here are some things to be going on with, four DVD’s. You asked, do I still write poetry? Yes. Here is the evidence. See Poems In Arklow. View that first, the calm before the storm.

The others are a blast or several blasts from the past, my past but probably not yours. Elvis And Others on three discs along with a letter to a friend of mine of even earlier vintage than myself describing their genesis. Ancient culture. These may be of no interest to you, in that case they can serve as beer mats. Or give them to a friend similarly afflicted to myself who thinks this music is all great fun and exciting. Some of us are easily aroused.

It is said that the music people like most is the music they heard between the ages of fifteen and twenty years, in my case, yes, that is so. If born later I would be a hippy dippy surfing fanatic in search of the perfect tan. But that was not to be.   I was born too soon. Probably by about sixty years, I await scientific progress to restore me to the land of Tir na n’Og. Or whatever.

I could go on. And probably will. I sincerely hope you own a DVD player, which someone told me have gone out of date, no one uses anything but memory sticks now. Then why have Amazon got about thirty players on sale and Argos fifteen or so?   Be not the first by whom the new is tried, nor yet the last to cast the old aside.

Santa Claus has come early! Perhaps he got mixed up in giving you the presents meant for an aging teddy boy who will now look in bafflement at leather bound volumes on constitutional law and jurisprudence. Shurely shome mistake? Drunken driving of a reindeer sleigh could lead to red noses all around.

Think of the neighbours when you play this music. Earplugs may be in order. Elvis, as I said to a viewer, was an energetic singer. Why was there less obesity in the fifties? Rock ‘n’ Roll. Jiving. Inside every fat man is a thin man trying to get out. I prescribe rock ‘n’ roll. Twice daily.

Roll over Beethoven! Tell Tschaikovsky the news. And I quote.

Get culture before the cataclysm,

Tich Ennis


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