Bumper Bundle

11th November, 2016


At last here is my rock ‘n’ roll film called Elvis And Others as well as a letter to John White to whom I am also sending it, with some description. It seems to have taken me forever to get to this stage.

Also here, the largest item, a book George made from two books by Wendy Cope, poet, her selection of comic verse as well as two of her own poems. She writes mostly in what people nowadays call accessible form, in other words understandably and sometimes humourously.

The introduction written by her is good, as also the interview I give you here on cd. She was published by Faber and Faber, George thinks I ought to approach those publishers about publishing my own work. Maybe. Perhaps to be totally ignored if I do.

Her choice of comic verse does not coincide with my own, Ogden Nash and Lewis Carroll wrote better, funnier verses than those she selected. In her interview Wendy Cope says poetry readings are a form of torture, I agree. Her poem, or part of a poem, on that subject is good.

Much audio here for you on cd. Indian Thinkers and World Cultures are both from different series of talks on the BBC, the ones I thought most worth listening to.

Bill Haley and His Comets is as given to John White along with the playlist.

The Fats Domino Story on three cd’s I recorded in 2011 from one of the BBC radio stations. Great music and a good story.

The Chitlin’ Circuit part 2 is the second and more interesting part of that two part story of which I sent you the first before.

Also, a talk, Bankers, from the BBC

This should keep you going. All of these, I think, as with all I send you, are worth playing and seeing and hearing over and over again.

Play the DVD’s in order and let me know what you think. It doesn’t get better than this!

I decided not to send you the first two parts of Gloomsbury, the take off of the Bloomsbury set, currently being broadcast on Radio Four. To my recollection, series one was very good and very funny, this not so much. Good enough to hear once, but that’s it.

The great talks here, the first two I mentioned, are the kind you get more out of the more often you hear them. They have depth.

The truth is profoundly simple,

Tich Ennis


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