Monthly Archives: October 2016

My Mistake

I did not know your heart would break.

It was there for me to take.

Mine? Its more or less fine.

Sorry I ignored you.

I didn’t know what to do.

I had a case of romantic ‘flu.

I thought of you.

And still do.

I am not quite dead.

Would I do instead?

I am hard to put up with.

Would you like me to shut up with?

There are more than one or two of you but what’s a guy to do?

Tich Ennis

13th October, 2016




Smoking is the curse of the world.

It kills more than wars, its lip is curled.

Read Allen Carr’s book, he shows the way.

Then you may live another day.

If you die in agony you should have given them up.

Remember you told me to shut up.

Tich Ennis

11th October, 2016

Inky Spider

I dipped a spider in ink and put it on a page.

What words did it write, was it a sage?

It said my legs are inky, that’s not how to write, you dope.

If you think that’s all there is to it then there is no hope.

Random rubbish is just that.

You’d be better off feeding the cat.

I said, oh well, alright, if that’s what you say.

I’ll have another think, good day.

The spider got up on his legs and spoke.

He said a joke is not funny when it’s not a joke.

I am a spider, let me go.

Rubbish is rubbish, I told you so.

Tich Ennis

11th October, 2016


Bits of the past come back, inspiring me.

The present, that is tiring me.

Problems, problems, problems all day long.

I remember that song.

Will they turn out right or wrong?

Can life be a song?

I suppose I’ll have to get down to it and do it.

If not, I blew it.

Quite likely, there is nothing to it.

But to do it.

So, okay, later I will try.

Do or die.

As someone said, for why?

To make a blue sky.

Tich Ennis

11th October, 2016


I saw utter loveliness in a face, but did she have grace?

Her face betrayed some strain, some pain.

I’ve seen that look before, I don’t want more.

I remember well a girl of surpassing loveliness.

Breathtaking in her beauty, she was no mess.

I held her close, she held me tight.

I could have danced all night.

Why are we uptight?

Tich Ennis

7th October, 2016


A madman shrieked in horror at the world, they locked him up.

They injected him with drugs to shut him up.

They cure the symptoms not the disease.

Stop being mad, give my heart ease.

Pretty please.

Tich Ennis

7th October, 2016


He takes an academic interest in what’s true.

Do you?

He sees it as a subject for discussion, for appraisal.

Is a walnut of the same family as hazel?

Nothing seems to faze him all his days.

He observes people and their ways.

They repel him, he finds them repulsive.

Is he an obsessive compulsive?

Does an academic fall in love?

Good God no, Heavens above!

Tich Ennis

6th October, 2016