The Chitlin’ Circuit


Part one of a two part series of talks and music with the above name from BBC 2 Radio here on CD, recorded by me just now and broadcast on Tuesday. The next part next Tuesday. By Cerys Matthews, a labour of love as should everything be.

Slightly academic but with great music. 1920’s onwards to the 1960’s. Music from the wrong side of the tracks, as they say, birth of Rock ‘n’ Roll. Fats Domino and others cited Louis Jordan as an influence. His first hit record, Knock Me A Kiss, (here), from 1941, year of my birth and Pearl Harbour. Which the greatest disaster?

I write today Thursday but will post tomorrow Friday when I collect my pension and feel rich for a day. Also here, stuff I promised last week, CD’s, recordings made by by me from various sources and renamed by me in some instances as Dada – Art Goes Mad, Ancient Greeks and Extremes, Do Animals Think And Feel? (Carl Safina), all great and my DVD, Poems In Arklow, just me.

And the picture of Michael’s house here in Arklow and a photocopy, The Skibbereen Eagle and The Southern Star, from a book on Irish newspapers, not unknown to me since I worked and played there in days of my youth, misspent or otherwise.

This should keep you going. Also, probably, a poem by me, not yet blogged or typed, written today, Clarity. I will blog this after finishing typing this and printing it out for you.

I hope you are better than you were when I rang yesterday. The time now is 5:23 a.m., set your watch.

I saw Michael, the other Michael, last night at his house and at the Arklow Bay (hotel) where I enjoyed a pint and a cigarette, too many of those. You can have too much of a good thing and a bad thing. One is too many. I tell myself, I don’t listen. Perhaps someday.

There appears to be still some space on this page. What can I say? Do listen to and hear The Emerald Elvis I sent you last time. I am glad you enjoyed Infinity, though you didn’t hear it all. How could you? This thing is bigger than both of us. And then some.

I intend to throw my eye over this before saving to spot any typical or typographical errors, but the road to Hell is paved with good intentions. The Rocky Road To Dublin.   We’re off to Dublin, in the green, in the green.   Is that Stephen’s Green?

Goodbye, happy listening and viewing. Inadvertent errors are a thing of the past. Nostalgia, where would we be without it?


Tich Ennis

6th October, 2016


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