Arklow Poetry

6th October, 2016


Here is the DVD of my poetry reading at Arklow Culture Night.   You have a DVD player because I gave you one.

Thanks for the TV, which we never switched on, or plugged in. You can have it back if you like.

Why not? Because nearly all TV is rubbish, radio is better. Less showing off. TV is a big turn off.

About 8 minutes playing time of my film for those who want to play. I have other films, but what’s the point?

I may send the film to Peter Somers, why not? And others. Something to remember me by.

Copying and making a DVD is easy when you know how, like everything else. Impossible when you don’t.

I’ve been through that, a nightmare. Technology uber alles! It’s a hard taskmaster. Especially when it doesn’t work. The same applies to software.

Eventually I found free software which works and by jiggery-pokery and having bought a new recorder produced the result now in your possession. And other’s. Eight minutes of your life, a lot more of mine.

Was it all worthwhile? I think so. And am not completely alone in that opinion.

Regarding technology, I know my onions. It makes me cry. They share that characteristic, onions and technology.

I write this the day before posting because I cannot afford a stamp or an envelope until pension day, tomorrow. So this letter is precipitate. As the late Brendan Corish would say, a bit previous.

Anyway, as waiters say, enjoy. Whether they mean it or not.

It’s something to be going on with, anyway. As seen on a screen near me. Glorious technicolour, or whatever. Pixels before your eyes.

A surprise,


Tich Ennis

6th October, 2016


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