The truth is very obvious.

No one wants to know.

Should I speak the truth before I go?

Palestinians and Israelis are Semites, both circumcised.

That is the truth. Have you realised?

They are the same people, or as we say here, the same only different.

A word in your ear.

Freedom of speech is banned in the U.S.A. and England.

So-called students don’t want to learn, to discern.

If you cannot or will not contradict a lie, ask why.

It is necessary to confront evil in order to defeat it.

You know it when you meet it.

The truth is the answer to a lie, learn that before you die.

An ostrich sticks its head in sand.

Are you an ostrich? That’s grand.

The elephant in the room may be the truth, not spoken.

I’m not joking.

To refute a lie you must hear it.

You are near it.

You are there if you care.

That is your purpose, student, if you have sense.

Are you dense?

I speak these words in calm consideration

So too should you, students of the nation.

Tich Ennis

3rd October, 2016


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