You don’t understand me, do I speak too simply for you?

I speak only what is true and all for you.

Please send my message to someone else and relieve my stress.

God bless.

My words are not heard or read or listened to.

Except by you.

One and one makes two.

You know what to do.

Spread my word and it may be heard.

I mean every word.

Deliver me from Hell.

I wish you well.

It is not much to ask.

Fulfil my task.

Let my words be yours.

Love endures.

You have fingers and hands and I suppose a mouse in your house.

Put them to use.

End abuse.

Try it and see.

For me.

Set truth free.

The best is yet to be.

For you and me.

Do it now.

Why not, anyhow?

There are flowers on the bough.

Share them somehow.

Give my heart ease.

You are born to please.

Me too. Like you.

I do not wish to name you but I could.

Do what you should.

I love you each and everyone.

Spread fun.

Will you do this, even one?

Under the Sun.

I have only half begun.

The other half is you.

You can do it too.

Its easy for you to do the right thing too.

Me and you.

You and I.

I cry.

Is my cry heard?

Spread the word.

A mouse click or two is all I ask of you.

I know you will feel better if you do.

I am you.

I am you and yours.

Once more, love endures.

I have a lot to say and have not gone away.

Love is here to stay.

Make my day.

Yours too.

Be true.

That’s all you have to do.

I depend on you.

The truth depends on you.

Will even one mouse click follow my word?

Free us from absurd.

You heard the word.

Click away.

Happy day.

Love is here to stay.

Play your part.

Don’t break my heart.

My heart is broken from words not spoken.

I love you.

Those words will do.

Who says me too?


Must I go on forever always hearing never?

You hear, you see.

Do this for me.

Then have a cup of tea.

May we agree.

All people everywhere.

Breathe air.


Starting with you.

Be true.

For me and you.

Do not think me mad.

I am sad.

Make me glad.


The world is sick.

Do your party trick.

I want understanding for you.

Me too.

It starts with you.

Now do.

I have not quit.

Do your bit.

Try it and see.

You are a lot like me.

I do not beg and plead.

You are what I need.


The world may hear your voice.


Its party time.

One small hill to climb.

A moment of your time.

Let’s see what we can do.

Me and you.

You may be battered, broken.

I have spoken.

I speak to you.

All you have to do is do.

All you have to be is free.

Do this for me.

And eternity.

One last word, love.

From Heaven above.

Knock at the door.

Dance on the floor.

More of the same?

Life is a game.


Have your say.

Good day.

My brother wants me to say I have 53 followers and counting.

Hopefully mounting.

That’s the long and short of it.

I do go on a bit.

Do your bit.

Send a link.

It’s easier than you think.

Whichever one of mine you like.

Get on your bike.

Tich Ennis

1st October, 2016


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