The reason people take drugs is because life is so awful for them, that’s why.

I thought you should know the reason before you die.

They give up hope and take dope.

Others in the same circumstances don’t.

They know they could but they won’t.

Those I admire, they are true.

Why aren’t you?

Me too, I should say. I am old and grey.

I tell the truth before I go away.

I have more to say.

The answer is very simple, yet ignored.

Are you bored?

If we stopped ignoring each other problems would disappear.

A word in your ear.

Life is not easy but would be a whole lot better if we cared.

A problem halved is a problem shared.

What is the epitaph of this age, no one cared?

Caring means doing, you dope, not just saying.

Saying is pointless praying.

Hell, I haven’t got all day, I talk to you.

Trying to get a message through.

As I said before, I’m old.

Some things should be done, not told.

Are words as good as gold?

Take people in from the cold.

Before you’re old.

Okay, that’s all for today.

I have not gone away.

Whatever these words say.

I will be back, to make that clear.

To whisper in your ear.

Bet your life on that.

Don’t kick the cat.

 Tich Ennis

17th September, 2016


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