Meaningless Poems

People tell me poems don’t need to rhyme, why not?

Have poets lost the plot?


Maybe they are busy and have no time to find a rhyme.

Did I say turpentine?

A rhyme does not need to be exact, that is a fact.

Get your act together, I said your act.

You strut about the stage and on the page.

You fill me with rage.

Luckily I am a mild mannered man.

Your poems don’t even scan.

Your sheer meaninglessness is a mess.

You defile the name of poetry, you are corrupt.

When I speak, please don’t interrupt.

The Muse may whisper in your ear, come here, come here.

You disappear.

Its not all about you, you ultimate disgrace.

Poetry has a lovely face.

You put people off what they should enjoy.

I had more sense when I was a boy.

Poetry, I say, shall be born again.

The burning question, when?

Why wait till then?

I will have more to say another day.

In the meantime, go away.

 Tich Ennis

14th September, 2016


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