Writing Poetry

A line floats into your head. Write it down, you clown. Wait for what comes next, write the text. And so on. Don’t force it or you’re gone.

Someone said this before, but so what? Thanks a lot. Yes, he said after the first line you spend the rest of the poem trying to live up to that. That’s how, start now.

I am not averse to verse, or rhyme, if you have the time. This is not at all how I expected to write this piece, the pub is crowded, lots of talk, should I take a walk? I had more I wanted to say but that will do another day.

Someone said to me I don’t write poetry, I write rhymes, who cares, I’m there. Free as air.

Some other time I may say something about how not to do it, but a lot know that, do you give instructions to a cat?

That’s that.

 Tich Ennis

6th August, 2016


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