I Am

I am the man who smokes but doesn’t smoke, he does not inhale.

From the land of the pirate queen, that wan Granuaile.

I never saw a leprechaun or the cliffs of Moher.

I drink pints of Guinness, the evening is not o’er.

That sounds like something from Tom Moore, that last word there.

Oh golden haze of other days round towers and harps are rare.

But come here till I tell you, there’s magic in the air.

Tich Ennis

4th August, 2016


One thought on “I Am

  1. bookseekeragency

    Oh Blimey, the cliffs of Moher! I only have to think of them and I have to get down on my hands and knees and crawl away to cower against the nearest wall! I was there in 1992, and my palms still sweat when I remember the sheer, unfenced drop.

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