Pure Feeling

Whether you sing or play or story tell or write a play, nothing but nothing has anything to say but feeling, pure feeling, pure feeling all the way.

You paint, you sweep a road, you make the tea, you care for children, play a game, love me.

You tell a joke with good humour, laugh at rumour, love a building, scenery, a place, a time, a childhood rhyme, great talk, a walk, coming home.

A trip to Rome.

A friend, the end, a pantomime, good time, a song, sweet memory, a face, a place, music and all its charms, forever after laughter, a smile, good grace, a helping hand, this land, my land, a change, the same, a game, pure feeling is queen and king, the thing, a dance, romance, pure chance, a loving glance, good company, you and me, a dog, a cat, that’s it, that’s that.

Good day, that’s all I have to say.

Love is the thing.


 Tich Ennis

3rd August, 2016


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