To The World

Be you moron or genius, pauper or plutocrat, saint or sinner, thin or fat, polite or rude, shy or pushy, well or sick, alive or dead, literate or illiterate, young or old, male or female, homosexual or heterosexual, sane or insane, small or tall or any shade in between, these words are addressed to you.

I am ordinary. The ordinary is extraordinary. So are you. We are two of a kind. This message is from me, an ordinary man. Bear with me for a moment. How can I put it in ordinary, everyday words? Oh well, here goes nothing.

I am Tich Ennis, for better or worse. My message is written on the wind. I sing, speak, write. All for you. And me, I enjoy it too. I am not the greatest singer, but at least you can hear the words. The songs are great. Good words, good humour.

I write rhymes and other things. My heart sings. I speak aloud to the silent crowd. Is anybody there? Do you care? I may be as odd as two left feet, sorry to part, happy to meet.   I walk down Lonely Street.

Sad or happy you may be, enjoy yourself with me. Right now I’m free. And cheap at twice the price. Get culture before the cataclysm! Its never too late to begin. Start here. I’m here for the beer. The drinks are on me. Drink up!

I am completely unknown, except at home. And not much known there, does anybody care? What’s valuable is rare. Are you there? My stuff is here for you, what will you do? It’s up to you.

Tich Ennis on YouTube and my blog. Irish stew. Has Sherlock Holmes a clue? I do. Me and you?

Of course, I may be bonkers!


 Tich Ennis

1st July, 2016


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